Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sony PMW-F3 Super 35mm Digital Cinematography Camcorder – Pre-Order Now


Sony PMW-F3 Super 35mm Digital Cinematography Camcorder – Pre-Order Now

Sony PMW-F3

Sony PMW-F3 Super 35mm Digital Cinematography Camcorder•  Uses a newly developed Super 35mm CMOS Image Sensor with a shallow   
   depth of filed, high sensitivity, and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
•  Employs a PL lens mount to allow flexible use of 35mm cinema lenses.
•  1920 x 1080 HD recording using the "MPEG-2 Long GOP" Codec
   Uses the same MPEG2 Long GOP Codec and SxS recording media
   as the rest of the XDCAM EX family for full 1920x1080 HD Recording, utilizing
   the “ready-to-use” XDCAM EX file-base workflow.
•  RGB and S-Log output will be available as a future optional RGB and 3G SDI
   software upgrade, allowing for a seemless workflow for high-end content
   creation with HDCAM-SR series products.
•  To make full use of the wide dynamic range of the newly developed CMOS
   imager, the PMW-F3 can be equipped with S-Log gamma, allowing users to
   flexibly adjust captured images as they wish in the post-production process.
•  PL Mount Adapter for compatibility with 35mm Cine Lenses
•  23.98P Native Recording
•  Slow & Quick Motion Function
•  Selectable Bit Rates
•  Multiple-format recording - 1080/720 and Interlace/Progressive switchable
•  Slow Shutter Function
•  High-quality uncompressed audio recording
•  SxS Memory Cards combine high transfer speeds and high reliability
•  Exceptional workflow flexibility
•  Long Recording Time
•  3.5-inch Hybrid Colour LCD Screen / Viewfinder
•  Genlock and Timecode Interfaces
•  3D System Link Option* Available from Autumn 2011
•  Remote Control Capability
•  Compact Design
Sony PMWF3K (camera with lens)
Sony PMWF3L (camera without lens)
Sony PMW-F3K with Vocas MB-255

Suggested Accessories
Convergent Design nanoFlash
Carl Zeiss Compact Prime T2 1/28 mm (meter)
Carl Zeiss Compact Prime T1 5/50 mm (meter)