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Glidecam-Your First Steps to Professional Moves Workshop on 5th Jan 2012 at Raffles Town Club

Glidecam-Your First Steps to Professional Moves Workshop on 5th Jan 2012 at Raffles Town Club

Trainer’s Profile
"Sean Seah is the founder of Firewerkz Films, focusing in the weddings and events industry. He is a certified steadicam operator with 5 years of experience in stabilizers. Sean uses a vast variety of stabilizers from handheld to full body rigs with extensive experience in DSLR shooting and has been involved in many handheld stabilizer operations."


Glidecam – your first steps to professional moves

Already shooting with HDSLR? But wants something more to produce breathtaking video to impress your prospect?
Attendees will learn techniques for stabilizing cameras and the newest tools being used in social and corporate environments where stealth and mobility is the name of the game.Reservations are now being taken for upcoming Glidecam Basic Workshop.

Registration fee is S$214 (including GST) per person for a one day Workshop
(Limited seats)
. Lunch will be provided.

The workshop is held on the 5th January 2012 (Thursday).

Time :
9am to 5pm

For registration and payment please click on the link below:

Who should attend: Handheld HD/PRO series users with light-weight cameras like DSLRs and Handycams.

Level: Beginners

Things to note :

v       Workshop does not include Glidecam and video equipment.
v       You are encouraged to bring your own Glidecam and Video equipment.
v       As an added incentive:
Ø       if you choose to buy a Glidecam (any model) during the workshop, we will offer 50% off the registration fee as a special Glidecam discount. Which you only pay S$107.00 (Incl GST)
Ø       While for those who already own a Glidecam and purchased it from Expandore previously, (with proof of purchase) will also entitle to 50% off the registration fee @ S$107.00 (Incl GST)
The Glidecam Basic Workshops will be held at facility in:
Raffles Town Club
(Dunearn 2, Level 1)1 Plymouth Avenue Singapore 297753
Mainline : (65) 63232 323
Fax : (65) 63376 116
Website :

For more information you may us @ 68412889 or e-mail:

We look forward to seeing you here!
Introduction to Glidecam
1. Introduction
• History of Stabilizer
 • Glidecam - Introduction
 • Operating Theory
2. Equipment Overview
• What Does What
 • Center of Gravity / Camera Mounting
 Mount Camera and Balance Sled Exercise
  *Balancing the SLED
3. Walking-the-Line
• Demo
 • Coffee Cups Exercise

Lunch Break
4. Booming
 • Booming Exercises

5. Panning / Tilting
• Panning / Tilting Exercises

6. Scenario
 Live practice with actual model / instructor assist
End of Day